Handmade Ceramics From Spain

A range of authentic, hand decorated ceramics from Spain that will add a touch of vibrancy and beauty to any home or restaurant.

Our range offers plates, bowls, jugs and oil pourers, all hand painted to provide that touch of individuality and authenticity that's so absent in mass produced products.

We scoured Spain - from the beaches of the blue Mediterranean, through the beautiful, traditional villages of the Catalonian countryside to- to find ceramic makers that captured the distinctive colour palettes, designs and traditions of those regions.

The results of our search are now available - online -for you to choose a design which perfectly expresses your personal taste and style. Whether your taste is classical, rustic or modern, we're confident you'll find a 'look' that clicks with you.

Sun Pots offers you easy access to the best in Spanish tableware.

....And Something New

Tastes change. The latest trend in the evolution of tableware design is the 'back to nature' look where the beauty of colour is given precedence over man made design.

Here colour speaks for itself:

The pallet is a single, earthy colour drawn from the Spanish countryside (a harvest hay or sunflower yellow, an olive or bright nettle green, a rich reddish loam, a clay or brilliant sand white) is fired with a rich glaze to produce a look that is both simple and sophisticated.

Tableware made in this style is not only beautiful in its own right, it makes for an ideal backdrop to display and present food for maximum appetite appeal. Perfect for restaurants and cafes.

Some of Sydney's most stylish establishments have switched to this authentic ceramic style in preference to traditional chinaware.

The presence of a single bowl, large dish or a few tapas dishes on the table makes a statement by adding a splash of colour that can transform any setting. A boon for home decorators.

Sun Pots calls this our Girona range because that's just what it is; beautiful colours applied to clay and terracotta before they're glazed and fired in ways that bring out the inherent beauty of nature's colours. These pieces don't need words to describe them, they speak for themselves.

Popular categories

  • Colours


    Girona-has three ranges from the earthy Colours to Montgri's soft pastel palette in greens and blues to Jaspe's bold splatter patterns. Colours range from Catalonia in green, red, yellow, purple, pistachio and orange. All are available in serving ware.This earthy Colours range is made from terracotta and is enamelled inside and out.

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  • Malaga


    The Malaga ceramics are produced in southern Spain by Manola and Gaby, the eighth generation in the family run business.

    Over the generations, they have developed a very specific way of making these eye-catching ceramics. The terracotta clay item is dipped in a white base clay paint. The artist then etches the design on to the piece by carving into the white coating and into the clay, leaving an indented imprint of the design.

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  • Toledo


    The Toledo range features more traditional designs and decorations on a range of salad and serving bowls, jugs and olive oil pourers, with vibrant colours, made in Andalucia.

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  • Jaspe


    Jaspe is a terracotta range with a random splatter design.

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  • Montgri


    Made from white clay, Montgri has a pastel palette.

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Every one of our pieces is unique because it is hand-painted and finished in true, centuries-old, artisan traditions.

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